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Jessica Vanessa - Vines Compilation February/2017


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Added by Jessica Vanessa in It's Jessica Vanessa


Dancing to Chris Jays new song called Kandy
When your homegirl is about that life
When your girlfriend always trying to be a freak at the wrong time.
When your friends are extra with everything and then there's you
When someone calls me a bitch
When he ask for sexy pictures and you childish
When you on your period and had a long day
When it's that time of the month
This charcoal bath bomb didn't work for me
When the makeup tutorials are extra now days
When you getting ready to go out and you hear "cash money records taking over for the 99 and the 2000"
Girls . Longer version on my IG - itsjbabyxo
When it's finally your cheat day
Being the 3rd wheel
When your man decides to take you shopping : IG- itsjbabyxo
See what fyuse I got away with
You thought
Chonga Chuchi makeup tutorial
When your ugly homegirl keeps talkin shit but that's your homegirl so you hype her up anyway
When you're ugly af but lighting and angles save lives
Me getting ready
Girls who do better research than the FBI
When you're trying to find the perfect lighting
Bad excuses
Hispanic girls with them long ass names
How girls hate on other girls
What it sounds like when your mom is lecturing you.
My man - send me a sexy picture or video ..... Me -
Boyfriends be like
When your homegirl dumb as hell part 3
This was a real life argument between me and my Bestfriend . Lol
When your homegirl is arguing with her mom and then throws you into it
When your girl mad at you
When he says something cute while you guys are arguing
Thanksgiving with Hispanics
When your single homegirl tries giving you relationship advice
When you took of your makeup and you're done for the night
The first time you're on FaceTime with your boo vs after being together for a while
That one friend
I'm low key a ninja
When you tired of listening to your homegirl be a hoe
Bitches be like "thanks for the drink" ✌
Wtf did I just make LMFAO
Those girls that try to do a cute laugh
Me as a girlfriend
Kids these days
When food is life (why is this really me as a sister)
When your mom was on the phone when you were little
Me as a friend
Those girls who fall in love too easy
Maria the maid .
When you catch your homegirl wearing your clothes and rockin it like its hers/ (longer version on my insta - itsjbabyxo ) YUNG POPPY
When you're trying to rule the world in peace sciencetheshitouttathis @themartian
When your homegirl calls you out // 4everkelz
EVERYTIME I eat junk food [[ib Nicholas Megalis ]
When your girl can't take a joke
When I get woken up before my alarm goes off
That one time I almost broke my damn neck. :: you hear me at the very last second "AH"
When your girl is complaining Chris Jäy あ
Car rides with your boo like
When you don't feel like helping your abuela clean
When your ex is all in their feelings trying to get your attention
When you wake up to Spanish music you know your day is about to be spent cleaning
When all your friends are hot and then there's you.
Siblings : how to tell someone nicely their cooking sucks
When this is the most excitement you'll get on a Friday night and you realized you hit rock bottom
Siblings . We only hear what we want.
When you see that guy you're trying to avoid so you and your homegirl pretend to be lesbians
Me trying to get a balance on a better life like :
You know a girl is mad when
I get frustrated too easy
Modern day lullaby
When your dad still thinks you're a little girl
I'll delete this in the morning LMFAOOOOOOOO
When you're really trying to watch Netflix and Chill / Chris Jäy あ
Rosalina and Jaymundo
When you're drunk
Small boob problems
When you force those relationship goals pictures for retweets Chris Jäy あ
Me whenever I try to copy those makeup tutorials
When your homegirl is extra dramatic . 4everkelz
Havin a concert in the car
My life decisions be like
When your man sees you looking crazy for the first time // The Gabbie Show
What it's like driving in the car with girls
Me as a mom
When you're trying to watch tv but someone is talking
Me giving directions
We all have that one friend who's always ready to start shit .
When play fighting turns too rough Chris Jäy あ
Me as a parent
Lmaoo *caption this*
Puerto Rican parents be yelling on the phone
When you at a party and the song asks who got money and reality hits you and you realize you broke as fuck
Me trying to comfort people
All of you girls know you've done this before !! Lol
*piece of burger*
Rosalina and Jaymundo throwback Chris Jäy あ
When you still got that old embarrassing MySpace email
That one friend that doesn't pay attention
Parents stay taking the ugliest pictures of you .

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